Thursday, November 15, 2012

Treat Yo Self to Birthday Goods!

What's the best way to get free stuff and discounts? Sign up for free stuff and discounts and get rewarded on your Birthday!

In the month of November, only 2 weeks in, I have redeemed $5 off at DSW, $10 off at Victoria's Secret, $10 off at the Body Shop, ate a free pretzel from Auntie Anne's, and drank a free Starbucks chai latte.

If you're a woman, or even a man shopping for your woman, you NEED to be part of the the Pink Nation at Victoria's Secret. FREE PANTIES! I repeat... FREE PANTIES. Free to sign up, check in store by providing your home phone number or simply on their website. Almost every month I get a free panty card in the mail good for a free panty, usually a cotton one worth up to $8.50 but sometimes they have a special one worth up to $12.50! I never have to buy underwear again! #TMI :)
They also will send you a $10 rewards card for your birthday! I used it to buy yoga pants that I absolutely love but I'm never willing to pay $34 for them. They were on clearance at $22 and after the -$10 I paid $12, plus since I purchased more than $10 I got a Victoria's Secret Rewards card to redeem (secret reward ranging between $10-$500; most likely it will be worth $10 when revealed-- however, one time I received $100!).

I signed up for the free DSW Rewards about 2 years ago and already twice now I have received a discount savings from DSW. I know $5.00 doesn't sound like a lot but if you use it correctly you could get a good deal! I bought these heels that were on clearance for 80% off and used my $5 off on top of the total cost for a final total of $9.78, a $110 savings! If you can't find a god bargain there then use the $5 for a pair of socks, laces, or insoles for your shoes! Hey, they're free or barely a $1 or $2 after the reward.

I bought a Groupon for the Body Shop for $20 worth of product for $10. They usually have this deal 2-3 times a year and it's a great deal when used correctly in combination of current deals. I usually only buy one Groupon because I buy enough items only using one Groupon I don't think it's necessary for me to buy two and stock up on something I won't have room in my makeup bag or bathroom cabinets for. See, I have some...control... =P.

I signed up for the Body Shop rewards program which costs a one time fee of $10. I have turned down this program numerous of times whenever I was offered but decided to go for it this time! Why? It took a lot of convincing from the sales person but as a person who works in sales I needed to know the details and benefits as I'm not one to easily just say yes to a deal. If anything... I say no to a lot of sale pitches. I'm not ever easily convinced. 

By purchasing the Body Shop rewards program at a one time fee of $10 I actually received my $10 back right away because as a part of the program you receive $10 for the Body Shop during your Birthday month! Plus I received a point for my first purchase. After 4 purchases (4 points) you receive a free item worth up to $15, nice!

The Body Shop also always has promotional deals going on. During the Holidays they like to have a "wheel" that is spun for a reward deal-- 30% off your purchase, 40% off your purchase, 50% off your purchase, buy one get one free, etc. I was able to spin the wheel and land on 40% off my total purchase (except on gift sets). Last year I was fortunate to land on 50% off my total purchase.

I purchased 2 lipsticks ($12.50 each), a concealer ($14.50), hemp chap stick ($8), travel size moisturizer ($6), and a facial scrub brush ($3) [40% off everything + rewards discount] for a total of $12.43-- less than the cost of one lipstick at full price. Apply the Groupon I purchased -$10 which equals my cost today of $2.43-- less than the cost of the facial scrub I purchased!

There are many other Birthday freebies especially at restaurants where you can get a free dessert. That's easy and a no brainer on your birthday!
There's definitely way more birthday freebies if you're a kid but there's some still left for adults!
When I was a kid I was a part of every kids birthday club you could think of. My Mom would have to take me to multiple places to claim all my free ice cream sundaes and children's meals :). Of course back then you would sign up with a self stamped post card but if there was free food involved, you would have me at "free".

Years of training. TinaDeal in the works since I was a kid.

Here are some Birthday freebies for you to sign up for (no purchase required):
Free burrito from Baja Fresh

Free ice cream scoop from Baskin Robbins

Free pretzel from Auntie Anne's (personal favorite)

Free large order of fries from Wing Stop

$10 to Cost Plus World Market

Free Starbucks drink

Free tater tots, cream slush, or medium drink at Sonic's

Free mini makeup kit at Sephora

Free burger from Red Robin

Plus many more out there!!! It's all free and during your Birthday month!!
Please allow however amount of time it says to receive your rewards. I signed up for Auntie Anne's pretzel club in September of 2011 and didn't receive my free pretzel for my Birthday by November of 2011.

Side Note!

Instagram has taken over on Tina Deals! I've neglected updating the blog since uploading a photo using a collage application is just so much easier than this. I'm never on my laptop any way so It's difficult to update my blog via iPhone or iPad.

Follow me on Instagram @yaytina or search for #TinaDeal

The my favorite Tina Deal posts on Instagram:

 Bar III Blazer, Fitted Skirt, and Crop Top from Macy's at under $30 compared to $125

 Sad Edelman heels from Ross at $20 compared to $120

 Material Girl jumper from Macy's at $9 compared to $58

 Geometric necklace from Ross at $10 compared to $38

 Saks 5th Avenue dress from Off 5th Outlet at $33 compared to $130

 Red work dress with belt from Ross at $16 compared to $58

All 4 items from Urban Outfitters at $15 compared to $154

White one shoulder cocktail dress from Ross at $17 compared to $68

Fashionably cheap,


NYC: Blazer by Gap at $17 compared to $88

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