Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simple Color Blocking

Color blocking, the latest and only thing I see on clothing store mannequins and front window displays.

I have two outfits to show you.  Both are very simple blocking outfits.  If you're not ready to wear purple pants, blue top, and a kelly green blazer... I totally understand.. Neither am I.  Too much 'bold coloring' going on for me.

Although Katy Perry is looking great with the color block scheme... I think I could only wear that going to some 'hip/cool' party (I sound like a middle aged woman not understanding what is hip and cool now).  It's just not an outfit I could wear out to lunch or to go to work in.  I don't think I would even wear that going out for the night somewhere either.  Well, maybe.. minus the belt.. and maybe with a shirt under the shirt or at least buttoned up :P.

Here is my version of color blocking in a simpler way.


Item 1-- Aqua cardigan
From: Forever 21
Type of sale: Forever 21 everyday
Purchased price: $12.50

Item 2-- Lime-Yellow/White color block tank
From: Forever 21
Type of sale: Forever 21 everyday
Purchased price: $9.80

Item 3-- White skinny jeans
From: TJ Maxx
Brand: Vanilla Star
Type of sale: TJ Maxx everyday
Original price: Compared at $24.00+
Purchased price: $14.99


I purchased this dress from Express but have not worn it yet to take any photos but since this item is still being sold at Express I was able to find the image on their website.

I purchased it in the tangerine/tan color block but they did have various other color/pattern combinations.
As seen here!

The retail price is $79.50 and still being sold at that price.
I managed to purchase this dress last week for $30.65

This is how!

Express had a promotion going on where the dress racks displayed at the front of the store were 30% off.

I then received $25.00 off the dress on top of the 30% discount by using a...
 "$25.00 off your $50.00 purchase Express cash coupon**" (can only be used on regular priced items including promotional items that have an additional percentage off; exclusions are items ending in .99 in the price AKA clearance).

 **You receive one of these coupons on a previous purchase if your total purchase was over $50 (regardless if total purchase was clearance/regular priced)
 Note: the coupon is only good during a certain time frame.  My Express cash was only good between 1/30/12 and 2/20/12.

$79.50 - $23.85 (30% off) = $55.65 

$55.65 - $25.00 (coupon) = $30.65

Side Note!
$2 house margaritas all day in the dining room and cantina-- get your margarita on ;)

Fashionably cheap,


Monday, February 6, 2012

With the Pumped Up... heels.

(In the tune of 'Pumped up Kicks')
All the other girls with the pumped up heels
You better save, save, save... save all your money

Lame but you know it works with the song!  And I made it up in about 10 seconds... so you have to give me some credit.

I'm sure someone, one of the five people who read this, would appreciate that chorus parody.

So after not blogging for over a month due to a combination of being lazy and me being sick... I'm back with an entry that will start the new year! (Only a month later... no biggie)

Part of my "What I am going to do this year differently" includes wearing the most dreaded thing I can't stand wearing-- Heels!

Yes, I know I have mentioned in past entries on how I can't wear heels and even tried wearing training heels but I figured it's about time to get a little girly in my footwear.  I started my new wearing of heels by buying these grey BCBGeneration Pumps!  I've already worn them 3 times and survived!  They are surprisingly.... not that hurtful to my feet.  I won't say, "Oh, they are so comfortable!" because that would be a lie.  However, they have been great to wear to work and to just a night out at a bar.  They mix well with my high-waist skirt outfits for work and with a pair of skinny jeans for a night out.

(Tobi the chiahuahua makes an appearance in my photos!)

Item 1- Grey Suede Pumps
From: Ross
Brand: BCBGeneration
Type of sale: Ross everyday
Original price: Compared to $83.00
Purchased price: $24.99

Item 2- Red/Black Pumps
From: Ross
Brand: Jessica Simpson
Type of sale: Ross everyday + clearance
Original price: compared to $59.00
Purchased price: $22.99 with final price $10.99


Item 3- Light grey/egg shell Pumps
It was such a good find!  The cashier was shocked at the final price of the heels.  
From: DSW
Brand: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Type of sale: Clearance with yellow tag additional 80% off
Original price: Compare at $395.00
Purchase price: $199.94 with final price $39.99

Side Note!
Macy's One Day preview sale is TOMORROW!
Take an additional 40% off already reduced clothing; up to a total of 80% off

Remember what I said in the past Macy's One Day Sale post... go on the preview day!  More items and less of a crowd!  The actual One Day Sale is posted for Wednesday but the preview day is the day you want to go to the "One Day Sale"!

Fashionably cheap,