Monday, August 13, 2012

My Fall 2012

My Fall 2012

My Fall 2012 part ii

What Elle suggests you should be wearing this Fall 2012 down below.
Unless you live a life of high fashion and don't need to go to a normal working job then I still wouldn't suggest any of these trends.

My two polyvore collages above display what I will be wearing this Fall and in my opinion some trends to look out for this coming Fall 2012 (for normal people with normal careers and normal lives).

Trends I plan on wearing this Fall!

  • The colored jean will continue, especially the Fall colors of auburn, dark reds, hunter green, or simply just gray
  •  Lace, lace, lace! Lace has been a big trend this past Spring and Summer and I think you will still be able to bring out those lace tops and dresses this Fall! Just pair your lace tops with blazers and your lace dresses with tights underneath :)
  • Boots galore! Booties too! I would love to wear boots with heels or those booties above... if I could without my feet dying! Boots are always in style every Fall, you can't go wrong with it. I recently went to a Goodwill and saw so many pairs of boots for $7.99 in great condition-- none in my size though =/
  • Pleated pants/jeans-- they're a little preppy looking but I think it fits for the whole "I'm so Fall and...pleated" look.
  • Textured tops! With the summer almost over (No not really but I had to say that to get you into Fall mode) you can start wearing your heavier weight tops (crochet, thicker textured fabrics, etc.). Those tops that were way too heavy and annoyingly would stick to your skin in (this) hot weather!
  • Oxford shoes are always a winner-- pair them with dresses, pair them with pants! You can't lose!
What will you be wearing this coming Fall season?

Fashionably cheap,