Thursday, November 24, 2011


I must say that Kohl's parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday" is pretty catchy.

Any way, countdown to midnight in t-minus about 1 1/2 hours...for the majority of the black Friday sales.  There are so many good deals going on but many are unnecessary for me to buy.  I really don't need a George Foreman grill but for $10 at Macy's... that's pretty good.  Therefore, I will buy one for Dan.  Walmart had a waffle maker or a food chopper for around $2!  I know what everyone's going to get this Christmas!  Choose wisely between your waffle maker and the food chopper.

There are some clothes deals for Black Friday as well but many are misleading as 'great deals':

Express- They open at Midnight with everything in the store at 40% off.  However, in the past 2 years they have not provided any free gifts.  Express has given out clutches to women in the past which were nice little gifts worth at an Express price of about $16.50.  Men received pajama pants worth around the same price as well.  Express has been crossed off my list as I find that during their clearance bin sales the deals can be better than at 40% off the entire store and of course to avoid long lines!  Express usually has "Take an Additional 40% off already reduced prices" at the end of each major season of Summer and Winter.  Dresses can be marked down to about $14.99 then plus an extra 40% off!  During this time 40% off everything in the store is great if you're going in to find that one item you loved last week and now you can get it almost half of during Black Friday.  Other than that, I don't find it too beneficial to go to Express as many items aren't marked down to it's lowest price of the season.

Old Navy- Random door busters of $5-$10 items here and there.  However, usually right before Black Friday they have random daily deals.  For example this past Tuesday they had a special where from noon to 5pm it was "Take 75% off all long sleeve women's and men's tops."  A bit cheaper than a Black Friday deal of a $7 long sleeve top when you purchase a $25 top with 75% off and not to mention no crazy lines!

Urban Outfitters- Until 10AM all clearance items are "Take an Additional 50% off."  Although, they do this more than once a year.  Usually around some sort of holiday they bring up this sale again.  During Labor day I went to UO and got 2 pairs of shoes at original price of $59 and $29.  Both were marked down to $20 each with final total of $10 each.  If lines are crazy hectic, don't bother, they will have that same sale again.  Not only that but the deal is only until 10AM!  During Labor Day it was the whole weekend clearance items were at the sale of the additional 50% off.

Just an example of how Black Friday sales can be misleading for clothing.  I won't say it's always like that but just to show you to shop other times of the year for great bargains!

Now onto my awesome deal!

It's a Day to Night outfit.

Fun and cute for the day and still fun and cute at night!

Same Jeggings, flats, and tank to mix with different jackets for day and night!
Sure my night photos aren't at night but you get what I'm talking about :)

Item 1-- Gray jeggings with side zipper at ankles
The material is fantastic.  Great pair of jeggings to go with any of your long shirts.  The zippers are a nice added touch too.
From: Nordstrom Rack
Brand: Joe's Jeans
Type of sale: Nordstrom Rack price
Original price: $118.00
Purchased price: $19.97

Item 2-- Long black tank with draping back
This shirt is one of a kind for me.  I own nothing like it and it's super cute over these jeggings with great flow.  You can actually unbutton the draping and have a more flowy top.
From: Tilly's
Brand: Ezekiel
Type of sale: Take an additional 50% off clearance items
Original price: $34.00
Purchased price: $9.99 with final price $4.99

Item 3-- Black simple flats with textured design
Great pair of simple flats from Burlington Coat Factory ("We're more... than great coats!").  I've seen these flats even at Ross for $12.99 so I got a great deal here instead.
From: Burlington Coat Factory
Brand: Bamboo
Type of sale: Burlington Coat Factory price
Original price: Compared at $28.00+
Purchased price: $7.99

Item 4-- Zip up hoodie with tied bow at back of hood
Cute hoodie for the day time with frills at the shoulders and a bow to tie for a girlie touch.  Clearance price is faded but about $20?  Nice.
From: Nordstrom Rack
Brand: Juicy Couture
Type of sale: Clearance
Original price: $148.00
Purchased price: $49.97 with final price $19.80

Item 5-- Black short length blazer
A better camera could show you the shine of the blazer.  It has a bit of a shiny tint to it which makes it ideal for a night out.  I love how the draped tank looks great under the blazer, especially in the back!  Pair it with a fancy layering necklace and you're set!
From: Macy's
Brand: Guess
Type of sale: Clearance + scan the price tag and discover the new clearance price!
Original price: $108.00
Purchased price: $37.80 with final priced (after self scanned) $13.20! This was legen (wait for it) dary!

Item 6-- Layered gold necklace with white gems
Random find that really gives an extra pop to an outfit.
From: Nordstrom Rack
Type of sale: Clearance with 75% off original price
Original price: $29.00
Purchased price: $14.97 with final price $3.72

Side Note!
Um... It's Black Friday soon... 'Side note' could go on forever here.  Just go look at your local ads for all the awesome deals :)

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