Tuesday, November 27, 2012

$187 worth of American Apparel for $25! SAVE TODAY!

Here's How:

1. Buy your Groupon now! Set up a Groupon account if you don't already have one. It's easy and free!
$50 worth of American Apparel for $25!
Two options are given: in-store and online. I purchased the online option.

Here's why:

There are many clearance items online that have been classified as "Oops! We made too many!". An overstock of items will cause an item to be super cheap!
Bikini bras were only $1!!!! I bought 4!

Also Cyber Monday is still going on too! Until 11:59pm PST tonight! This means an extra 20% off your purchase, yesterday and today, including clearance items. Use code "Monday12" at checkout. So in reality if you go online today and use your groupon you're really getting about $62 worth of American Apparel for $25!

I only bought things on clearance as I bought items I actually saw previously but couldn't afford to buy them at full price. $38-$46 for a hoodie? No way. I understand that American Apparel is sweatshop free but I can't get myself to spend so much money on one simple item there.

I also bought a lip balm, Smith's Rosebud, that I've been eyeing at other beauty stores and since I was not at my $50 total I added it to my cart for a total final of exactly $50 (after the additional 20% off)!

2. Go to http://store.americanapparel.net/ and add items in your cart that total up to at least $62.

3. Go to checkout and apply the code "Monday12".
Your total should now be at $50 or more depending on how much you added to your cart.

4. Open up your Groupon you purchased in your account. Enter your Groupon number and redeem it into the Gift Card box and it will automatically deduct $50 as a gift card.

5. The shipping should also be free as there is free shipping on orders over $50! Score!

6. Pay the taxes and you should have a final great deal of paying $25+tax (or more) for all your new American Apparel goods!

I purchased a hoodie, 4 bikini bras, 2 fleece pants, panties, a one piece, and lip balm for $25+tax compared to $187+tax :)

Happy Shopping!

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