Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Prim and Proper in Paris

Prim and Proper in Paris

Alice Olivia flower print dress
$190 - oxygenboutique.com

Altuzarra feather print dress
$615 - brownsfashion.com

Short heels

Actually... I wore this dress in Geneva but I did buy it in Paris :). My version of a pink/white summer dress during a summer day in Paris (I mean... Geneva).

I bought the brown oxfords but it was just too hot for me to be wearing shoes, I need my feet to breathe! I wore my brown strappy sandals (featured in my last post) almost every day in Europe-- super comfortable!

I am showcasing one main dress I thought was so Paris appropriate in the summer. As well as my other fab finds during my trip in Europe. I just got back and already packing for my mini vacay after a vacation! (See you soon Vegas!)

Item 1-- Pink/White patterned high-low/mullet dress with brown braided belt
From: Promod (lovely store in France and there's a chain of them throughout Europe as well)
Type of sale: Sale (aka Soldes in french)
Original price: 39,95 euro (ah, I don't know where the euro symbol is!)
Purchased price: 15,50 euro (A little under $20 US)

Item 2-- Brown suede oxfords
From: Sorry, never got the name of this store :(
Type of sale: Sale (Soldes)
Original price: 19,95 euro
Purchased price: 5,95 euro (A little under $7.50 US)

My other fab finds in Europe:

Only maybe 1/3 of what I bought in Europe is posted on this entry... I went a little nuts in Europe and bought too many items to be posted on here.

Awesome heels that will most likely hurt my feet but I don't care because they're so pretty!
Ok so maybe I will care that they will hurt my feet but I'll make sure I'm going somewhere with more sitting and less standing! As posted on my Instagram.

Item 3-- Pompennette heels
From: Andre (Chain of shoe stores out in France)
Type of sale: Soldes!!!
Original price: 89 euros
Purchased price: 10 euros (About $12.25 US)

Since it's originally from Europe, H&M's were everywhere! Each H&M definitely had a different sale as the Paris store had my dress for 7 euros but in Rome it was 10 euros, definitely got the better bargain!

Item 4-- Blue floral patterned knee length dress
From: H&M
Type of sale: Soldes!!!
Original price: 49,90 euro
Purchased price: 7,00 euro (About $8.50 US)

Believe it or not but the random vendors on the streets of Rome had beautiful dresses. This lovely dress was just hanging on a hanger under a tent and I had to have it! As posted on my Instagram. The random boutiques also had great dresses and I even purchased a dress at 5 euros!!! (not pictured but I'll make sure to post it soon)

Item 5-- Navy blue sheer double layered dress with gold accents
From: Random vendor in Rome!
Type of sale: Bargaining at it's best!
Original price: 15 euros
Purchased price: 12,50 euros (About $15.35 US) and although 15 euros is a great price it's a vendor so why not bargain a couple of dollars off :D

Ah yes, Tory Burch my love! I went all the way to Rome and brought this baby home. So many items in this Tory Burch store were half off but I contained myself and only bought one purse. Oh and of course, tax free for purchases over 155 euros for US citizens-- oh yes! I sure did get almost $30 back at customs :). What's amazing is that if you search for the bag online it's still being sold at about $329 on sale.

Item 6-- Tory Burch Robinson Satchel in Oceanic
From: Tory Burch
Type of sale: 50% off selected items
Original price: 360,00 euro
Purchased price: 180,00 euro with 30,00 euro back at customs = 150,00 euro (About $185.00 US)

Side Note!

Express is currently having a deal where you can buy Men's 1MX shirt and get the second one at $19.90!

If worked out correctly with a coupon you can get an amazing deal. I've done it before and it's totally worth it to get those men's dress shirts at this sale + with a coupon.

For example:

Hopefully you receive Express coupons in the mail and if you don't I suggest you ask someone for theirs.

Buy a basic Men's 1MX shirt at $59.90. Patterns will usually cost $69.90.

When you buy a basic one at $59.90 and purchase a second basic 1MX at $19.90 you will be spending a little under $80.00 for 2 shirts. However, if you use your Express coupon that includes ($15 off of $30, $20 off of $60, and $30 off of $90) you will be receiving $30 off of your $80 purchase making your total about $50 which equals to $25.00 a shirt! More than half off the original for $59.90-- bam!

Now you can get your man a nice 1MX fitted shirt to show off that body of his. Or not? Classic button ups are just nice on a man too, no need to show off a body...unless you desire to :D 

This is such a funny photo of my mom shopping in Europe I have to end the entry with this!

Fashionably cheap,


Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Lovin'

The Outfit:

.summer love.

Equipment blouse
$145 - shoplesnouvelles.com
Paige Denim short shorts
$139 - amrag.com
Madewell wedge shoes
$148 - madewell.com
Fedora hat
$18 - modcloth.com
Ralph Lauren Collection leather belt
$180 - net-a-porter.com

My bargains of a similar outfit:
Forever 21 sheer stripe top, Paige denim shorts, Report brown sandals, generic fedora, hand-me-down brown belt, and Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses for about...

Want to see how? Read below ;D

Nothing gets me going more than a bargain. When I get a good deal it's the equivalent of going to the gym for gym buffs-- it gets the endorphins going! I guess that makes me a shopping buff then? When I'm feeling down I do retail therapy; not just retail therapy but extreme bargaining retail therapy. I instantly feel better after a big bargain find.

Mmm... bargain-designer deal-shopping.

I've recently signed up on Polyvore.com and absolutely love it. I went on a search on how I could create collages without buying PaintShopPro/PhotoShop/other photo apps. I used to have a copy of PaintShopPro when I was in high school and it literally made up a good 2 years of my life creating designs and images for my, then, website. I forgot how much this used to be a hobby of mine and now I'm picking it up again 10 years later, although I'm super rusty at it.

Any way, I created this collage on Polyvore and put together this outfit that I am showcasing in this post... but of course at bargain prices!

The jean shorts and sunglasses purchased are the actual brands on the collage.

In the end... similar outfit but on a Tina.Deal.

I bought this top while I was in Vegas at the Forever 21 in the Fashion Show Mall. I was attracted to the stripes and the color combo. It's a great summer shirt-- light, sheer, and fun colored!

Item 1 -- Striped sheer cap sleeve button up
From: Forever 21
Type of sale: Forever 21 everyday
Original/Purchased price: $11.80

These boyfriend jean shorts are called the Jimmy's by Paige denim. They are super comfortable and fit perfectly. They hug me! I love these Paige denim shorts. I would buy more of them if they were ever on sale again but at under $10 I'm not sure if I'll ever find this deal again!

Item 2 -- Boyfriend jean shorts
From: Nordstrom Rack
Brand: Paige
Type of sale: Clearance
Original price: $139.00
Purchased price: $9.80

I would say that brown sandals are an essential in your wardrobe. Especially brown strappy ones! They can easily go with summer casual outfits from dresses to jean shorts. Rather than having multiple colors of sandals, brown ones tend to go well with many color combinations so you can save money and buy just the essential brown sandal to pair with many of your outfits if you're on a tight budget. If you're going to invest in brown sandals and want quality ones that aren't too pricey I would suggest the brand Report. I have always been a fan of Report footwear because they are comfortable and most importantly you don't have to break into them! Bonus! I got lucky and bought these for under $15 since they usually retail at about $40+. I've seen Reports at DSW at around $30 as well.

Item 3 -- Brown strappy sandals
From: Ross
Brand: Report
Type of sale: Ross everyday
Original price: Compared to $45.00
Purchased price: $13.99

Re-showcasing the fedora from last summer!

Item 4 -- Fedora
Re-cap it here!

This item was actually a hand-me-down! I can't give any information since the belt was once owned by my sister and she did not want it anymore-- score! Any clothing/accessories/shoes I don't want anymore I always try to give it to family/friends. A free way to gain new items in your closet! They might be second hand items but they're new to you!

Item 5 -- Brown belt
Brand: Billabong
Purchased price: Free!

Now time for the accessories! Two great pieces at bargain prices. I didn't add the tote bag to the collage since it was just an addition to the outfit. I simply liked the cotton candy colored tote bag and that it was water resistant! I spilled water on the inside of it and it repelled! I was amazed yet I am usually easily amazed any way. You could wear any purse/handbag you please with this outfit... it's up to you! It was nice to have a canvas tote bag to bring to the pool. It holds the essentials you would bring along pool side and expands at the top with a pulling chord to tighten it. Also for more accessories add on some bracelets or fun earrings as you wish.

Item 6 -- Oversized sunglasses
From: Nordstrom Rack
Brand: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Type of sale: Nordstrom Rack everyday
Original price: $120.00
Purchased price: $34.95

Item 7 -- Canvas tote bag
From: Bloomingdale's
Brand: See by Chloe
Type of sale: Semi-Annual handbag sale
Original price: $95.00
Purchased price: $16.00

Side Note!
If you didn't see it on Facebook or Instagram see it here!
My awesome Rachel Zoe deal.
See it here from last seasons Rachel Zoe report website.

Oh yes, I'm a shopping genius!

Fashionably cheap,