Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Summertime girls are the kind I like, I'll steal your honey like I stole your bike"

I used to love that song... "Summer Girls" by LFO.  It was my summer jam when I was 11 and thought LFO was a trio of black guys singing about girls who wear Abercrombie & Fitch.  I should have known they were three white guys.  How could I have known with lyrics that talk about 'stealing your honey' and 'shake and wiggle to a hip-hop song' or 'always been hip to the b-boy style'?  I guess I just thought they were very proper and not as vulgar compared to other hip-hop artists.  I know all the lyrics to "Summer Girls,"  I find it embarrassing and awesome at the same time.  There's a line in the song that goes, "I hate Kevin Bacon but I love Footloose" but for years I didn't understand the Footloose reference and thought the lyrics were "I hate ham and bacon but I love Footloose."

Two outfits that are girly and stylish for the summer weather!  The first outfit displays a blouse and hat while the second outfit is a dress and a pair of sunglasses. 

Outfit 1:
I absolutely love this top.  It's light, airy, and by one of my favorite brands "Free People."  Under the top I wore a simple tank since the top was sheer.  The top hangs off of one shoulder which I thought may be bothersome but wasn't at all.  I loved how it looked with one sleeve off the shoulder.  I paired the top with jean shorts you can find anywhere.  I'm leaving the jean shorts out of the blog because they were jean shorts I bought when I was 17 from Hollister! (However, I did by them on sale for $12 at the time; Don't ask how I remember these things... I remember everything that I buy and how much I paid for it)  I decided to buy a hat to wear with my outfit.  A cute fedora matches perfectly with the style of the shirt.  I'm usually not a hat person because I have an odd shaped head; really... I'm's oddly shaped.  I purchased the hat using a $5.00 promotional coupon I received at Charlotte Russe from a previous purchase.  About 2 months ago they had a deal where when you purchased $25.00 of merchandise from their store they gave you a $5.00 voucher card good for your next purchase in June.

Item 1-- Sheer top with laced sleeves
From: Ross
Brand: Free People
Type of sale: Ross everyday + clearance
Original price: $79.00
Purchased price: $26.99 with final price $12.99

Item 2-- Fedora hat
From: Charlotte Russe
Type of sale: Charlotte Russe price + $5.00 coupon
Original price: $10.50
Purchased price: $5.50

Outfit 2:
This cute red and white dress has a great pattern that stands out.  The dress is fitted at the top and the straps can be adjusted to standard straps or criss-cross straps in the back.  There is also pockets on each side!  The sunglasses are pale pink with a cute heart accent on the side.  The sunglasses are designed by Betsey Johnson.  I love the stuff by Betsey Johnson so much that I already plan to post an entry dedicated to a few of my Betsey Johnson items.  Stay tuned for a Betsey Johnson themed entry coming soon!

Item 1-- Red/White summer dress
From: TJ Maxx
Brand: Imaginary Voyage
Type of sale: TJ Maxx everyday
Original price: Compared at $34.00+
Purchased price: $12.99

Item 2-- Betsey Johnson Sunglasses
Brand: Betsey Johnson
Type of sale: TJ Maxx everyday
Original price: $85.00
Purchased price: $14.99

Side Note!
$4 flights to Long Beach through Jet Blue during Carmageddon.
Not bad, but I plan on staying home this weekend.  If I go anywhere... I'm staying in the Valley, good luck freeway people, who knows... it may not be..that...bad...

Fashionably cheap,


Friday, July 1, 2011

Men's Edition!

Great deals... Not just for the ladies anymore!

I have more outfits from Hawaii to post but I'm posting them as Summer outfits as the days come along.  I'm trying to save my money which means less shopping!  So I'm spacing out my outfits I'm posting.  Today's post is a men's edition.  I know I have had some guys ask if there are any deals for them well here it is!

Articles of clothing: Light jacket for rain or chilly weather, 2 everyday polos, and a long sleeve designer shirt
All items were purchased at Macy's Hot Saturday Sale last weekend!  Oh, how I love my Macy's one day sale.  Purchases were made by my boyfriend, Dan, and he saved a lot of money with these great deals.  A lot of tips were taken from my post on a Macy's one day sale.
Things to remember at a Macy's One Day Sale:
Always scan the price a self-checker.  All of our items were priced differently then what was listed on the price tag.
Look at sale racks only that involved clearance items of at least 40% off.  All items were more than 50% off.
Use your Macy's card to receive an addition 20% off your items.

Item 1-- Light Olive jacket with 4 pockets
From: Macy's
Brand: Tasso Elba
Type of sale: Sale, last season stock, take an additional 20% off already reduced prices
Original price: MSRP was blank indicating the item was most likely on a mannequin and was not on the floor for sale.  After the season has passed the item was located on the rack and scanned at original price of $99.00
Purchased price: $16.99 with final price $13.99

Item 2-- Solid polos with breast pockets and epaulets (just learned what this was!)
From: Macy's
Brand: Alfani
Type of sale: Clearance + additional 20% off already reduced prices
Original price: $29.99
Purchased price: $9.99 with final price $7.99
**Notice how the price tags said $19.99 and $14.99

Item 3-- Long sleeve designer polo with half zip
From: Macy's
Brand: Armani Jeans
Type of sale: Clearance + additional 20% off already reduced prices
Original price: $115.00
Purchased price: $40.00 with final price $32.00
**The price tag lists $57.00 as the sale price

Macy's One Day Sale, Men's edition: 4 items retailed at $274 but purchased for $62.00!

No photos of Dan actually in the clothes yet though!  He wore the polo shirts this past week but I wasn't around to take any photos.  I shall post photos eventually as a follow up.

Side Note!
4th of July deals, this weekend only:
1. Gap: take an additional 40% off clearance items!
2. Macaroni Grill: buy one entree get one entree free!

Fashionably cheap,