Thursday, March 3, 2011

Even one inch heels are an issue for me

Add color to an ordinary pair of skinny blue jeans and a simple black tank!  A designer bold cardigan on clearance and super cheap shoes will make an outfit all the better. 


Dark skinny jeans, a black tank with a bright cardigan over it, simple heels, and a 3 tier necklace to top it off!  This outfit consists of 2 Juicy Couture items that were both bought for more than 65% off the retail price.  I usually don't wear heels.  Okay, more like... I never wear heels.  So, why do I have heels?  They were cheap.  I only wore them for the picture and my feet were dying to get back into flats.  I just had to showcase these gold heels since they are cute and were bought for a great price.  I would wear this outfit with the heels to a "sit-down" lunch, no walking please!  I would usually pair this outfit with my Kensie Girl black flats ($12.99 from Ross) found in my last post. 

The cardigan has gold buttons on it with 2 pockets in the front.  The sleeves are "bubble sleeve" style and the feel and material of the cardigan is so nice!  You can really see and feel the high quality of the cardigan, no wonder the original price is so much.. however, I would never pay the original price for it.  The necklace is a very detailed necklace with Juicy Couture pendants including a "J".  The necklace really stands out and has a good weight to it.  You can tell it's not cheaply made by the details and the weight.

Item 1-- Short bubble sleeve cardigan
From: TJ Maxx
Brand: Juicy Couture
Type of sale: TJ Maxx every day + Clearance
Original price: $198.00
Purchased price: $49.99 with final price $29.00

Item 2-- Dark blue skinny jeans
From: Ross
Brand: Cello Jeans
Type of sale: Ross everyday
Original price: compared at $34.00+
Purchased price: $12.99

Item 3-- Simple black tank
From: Forever 21
Brand: Forever 21
Type of sale: Forever 21 standard price
Purchased price: $3.50

Item 4-- Gold heels
From: TJ Maxx
Brand: Report
Type of sale: TJ Maxx everyday + Clearance
Original price: $40.00
Purchased price: $16.99 with final price $5.00

Item 5-- 3 tier gold and black necklace with multiple charms and a heart locket with pearls/diamonds
From: Juicy Couture
Brand: Juicy Couture
Type of sale: Juicy semi-annual sale
Original price: $128.00
Purchased price: $45.00

Fashionably cheap,