Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TJ MAXX end of season sale!

I recently read a random blog posting from an unknown source that suggested that people shouldn't use coupons on dates, especially on the first date.  To be honest, I have used a coupon on a date and I find nothing wrong with it.  When Dan and I had just started dating we went to Cold Stone Creamery (mmm... ice cream) and as we got out of the car I stated, "It's your lucky day because I have a coupon!"  I had cut out a coupon from the clipper magazine a couple weeks back for a "Buy one Love It get a second Love It for free" and stored it in my wallet (That's a $4 savings!).  The coupon obviously came in handy.  Dan knew I was a keeper from that moment on :).  I wouldn't mind if a guy used a coupon on a date, even on the first date.  It shows me that he's trying to save money and well, that's awesome!  If this sounds crazy to you then maybe I'm just cheap.

Onto the posting-->  Yellow tags galore!

When TJ Maxx gets to the end of their Summer and Winter season they really take clearance to another level.  A marked down price at TJ Maxx is usually indicated with a red clearance sticker on the price tag, however a very low marked down price is indicated with a yellow clearance sticker instead.  I love these yellow clearance stickers.  I'm usually saving at least 75% off the original price.  The yellow clearance stickers can be found at any time of the year when items have been at the store too long and need to be reduced to a very low price to sell.  However, during the end of a Summer or Winter season there is always a load of items on sale.  I took the time at TJ Maxx to look for various items on sale with a yellow sticker price.  I found items that varied on sizes to showcase that clearance items can be found not just in my sizes but in all.  I also am including for the first time a home item I bought!  I fell in love with a great home piece that I truly will hold onto until I move into my own place (aka when I finish paying off my school loans so Dan and I can move in together... eventually!)

Not all of the following items were purchased. I wanted to show that I can find clearance items in different sizes and challenge was accomplished!  I usually only look for things for myself so this time around I looked at every clothing rack in the clearance section.  Items in blue are items I purchased either for myself or for my mom.  Sorry if the pictures are not fully taken at all angles because I was in a rush to take most of them in the fitting room!  I looked a bit odd just taking photos of clothes in the clearance section so I decided to take a few of the items in the fitting room to take pictures of them.  Some of the items I ended up buying I took the photos at home.  The candle holder decor will be found in my 'Side Note' portion of this entry!

Item 1-- Teal ruffle top
Item was a short sleeve shirt with a ruffle bottom on the shirt; shirt was in perfect condition.  The purpose of the photo was to show the savings and deal on the shirt.
Brand: Juicy Couture
Original price: $138.00
Super clearance price: $15.00

Item 2-- Floral racerback tank
I waited months for this shirt.  I was so happy to find it in my size and it was still in the store after seeing it marked down weeks after weeks.  Even with a TJ Maxx original price of $49.99, there was no way I was going to pay that much for a shrit!
Brand: Joie
Original price: $108.00
Purchased price: $12.00

Item 3-- Tank bohemian type dress in ivory
One of those items that I waited for the price to drop; totally worth it!  It's a very cute fitted dress that falls between the knee and thigh and has a cute bohemian style print around it.  I purchased the dress in ivory since I seem to own a lot of black clothing.
Brand: Free People
Original price: $138.00
Purchased price: $15.00

Item 4-- Black and White patterned dress
I love the back of this dress.  Not my size or I would have purchased it!  Doesn't mean I didn't try it on just to see if it would fit; it didn't =/.  Even at TJ Maxx price... $20 bucks is not bad!
Brand: Rhapsody
Original price: Compare at $34.00
Super clearance price: $5.00

 Item 5-- White Jean shorts with studded side design
These shorts were casual and simple with a cool studded design on each side.  I was looking for some new shorts and wished they had these in my size.  I recently saw the brand Current/Elliott at Saks and believe it... it wasn't on sale for $12.00!
Brand: Current/Elliott
Original price: $175.00
Super clearance price: $12.00

Item 6-- Black leather strapped wedges
These were quite fabulous.  They were my size and fit nicely too but I really don't have the need for more shoes or for wedges in general.
Brand: Coach
Original price: Compare at $188.00
Super clearance price: $39.00

Item 7-- Leather black/white belt
Another item I would have purchased if I found it in my size.  It's a great simple belt that was made with quality leather.  Sorry for the blurry pictures.  It got really awkward when a lady next to me started staring at me taking photos of this belt at different angles and these two photos were the best taken =|
Brand: Michael Kors
Original price: Compare at $50.00
Super clearance price: $7.00

Item 8-- Gold heels with diamond trim
Can't beat this price and the heel is only an inch that they're 'Tina approved'.
Brand: Celeste
Original price: Compare at $50.00
Purchased price: $3.00

Item 9--  Mini leather cross body bag with rivet design
Super cute and perfect size when going out for the night and I don't want to carry my huge purse with me.  The ivory color is great when matching it with any outfit.
Brand: Michael Kors
Original price: $198.00
Purchased price: $20.00

Item 10-- Magenta cloth material pumps
I bought these for my mom.  It was the least I could do when they cost a couple of dollars!
Brand: Madden Girl
Original price: Compare at $45.00
Purchased price: $3.00

Of the 5 items items I purchased, the original purchase price total would have been around: $539.00
My purchased price was around: $63.00!

I would never pay the original prices for these items but I know there's someone out there who bought one of those items at the original price somewhere.

Side Note!

This awesome candle holder within the wicker basket was only 70 CENTS.  Yes, even cheaper than going to the 99 Cents store.  It's made of great quality and holds larger sized candles.  You don't necessarily have to make it a candle holder and actually I'm not sure even if it is a candle holder... I assume though.  Even at the TJ Maxx price of $6.99 I would have still purchased it at that price.  This is a great addition to a home... or the future place of mine.  It was in perfect condition with the styrofoam lining still intact.  It sets for a great theme of a room and can easily give a nature feeling.  It reminds me of an item that would be used on HGTV's Next Design Star (totally rooting for Meg by the way).

Fashionably cheap,