Monday, May 2, 2011

Comfort @ work

I can't help it, lots of black in my outfit.  My wardrobe consists of mostly black/white/blue/gray.  Slowly I have been trying to add in more color such as maybe some purple... and well, that's about it.  The situation would that if I had to buy a shirt and my color options were red or black I would choose black.  It's just the color I would lean towards.  However, if the red shirt is cheaper then red it is.  Sometimes that's the case where a different color is cheaper and that's how I expand the colors of my wardrobe... one color at a time.


A very, and I mean very, comfortable 3 piece outfit for work.  Very light material in this warm weather makes it easy to stay cool but covered up for appropriate work attire.  The outfit consists of black leggings with zippers on the side (similar to my Jessica Simpson black skinny pants with zippers on the sides from Ross $12.99 in post #2).  The leggings are made of 97% Modal material which is ultra soft and super comfortable to wear.  The top is a purple tank with a knot design at the straps and a floral imprinted design on front.  I am also wearing a black cardigan that is very light in material made with 93% Rayon (almost feels similar to Modal but not as soft).  I paired the outfit with simple gray suede flats and 2 jeweled stretch bracelets.  The bracelets are heavy and do not look or feel like the jeweled bracelets you can get cheaply for a few dollars.  They are stretch bracelets but look and feel like they should have clasps on them.  The shirt was long enough where if I wanted to take off the cardigan the shirt was an appropriate length to wear with leggings.  I'm not a fan of girls who wear leggings as pants and wear a shorter length shirt that reveals all the shapes of her back and front sides!  The outfit had very light material to it and was suited for the warm weather.

**Note: I own a lot of black skinny pants/leggings.  I will try to post other types...of..pants.

Item 1-- Black modal leggings with zippers on the side
From: Nordstrom Rack
Brand: Tart
Type of sale: Nordstrom Rack price + additional 40%
Original price: $65.00
Purchased price: $24.99 with final price $14.96

Item 2-- Purple tank with floral imprint design and knot ties at the straps
From: TJ Maxx
Brand: Matty M
Type of sale: TJ Maxx everyday + clearance (x4 times)
Original price: $67.00
Purchased price: $24.99 with final price $3.00

Item 3-- Black cardigan with material gathered and layered at front
From: TJ Maxx
Brand: Just Ginger
Type of sale: TJ Maxx everyday
Original price: Compared at $39.00+
Purchased price: $9.99

Item 4-- Gray suede flats
From: Payless
Brand: American Eagle (No, not like the store.  Payless has their own "American Eagle" too... not sure which came first.  I like how on their website it specifically states, "American Eagle by Payless is not a product of American Eagle Outfitters.")
Type of sale: Payless price + clearance
Original price: $19.99
Purchased price: $5.00

Item 5-- Purple jeweled stretch bracelets (came with 3 but I'm wearing 2)
From: Macy's
Brand: Macy's
Type of sale: Clearance with additional 75% off
Original price: $25.00
Purchased price: $10.00 with final price $2.50

Fashionably cheap,


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