Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday!

I have been doing a lot of research on various fashion blogs and I somehow cannot associate myself with them.  I don't have a superior sense of fashion but I make sure to dress nicely and comfortably.  There are so many fashion blogs out there, and even more fashion vlogs out there.  I was debating to start a fashion vlog but there is no way I have that time as I already am procrastinating with the postings on here as is.  Any way, I found many fashion blogs and websites where women (and men) have posted their outfits and I must say there are so many that are fantastically put together. However, the prices are not listed and I could only imagine why when the items that are mentioned are things from a Marc Jacob's cardigan to Fendi bags.  If I could afford it, I would get it.  If I buy it, you know I got a fantastic deal on it.


Photo credits: Dan
Easter Sunday dress!  A fun and floral designed dress with a black belt, navy cardigan, and a pair of heels (worn only for picture taking purposes!).  The belt came with the sleeveless dress.  The dress is navy blue with a red/pink floral pattern.  I originally paired the dress with black flats (Kensie Girl flats as posted previously for $12.99 purchased from Ross).  As I mentioned before, I don't do heels but for the photo I preferred the look with heels.  I wore these heels to Vegas a year ago and that as pretty much the last time I ever wore them.  I just need training/patience to ever get myself in heels.  They are quite comfortable... to stand in.  I'm sure those who do wear heels often would consider them to be comfortable as my sister owns  the same pair and she told me she found them very comfortable.  On the other hand, the dress is very comfortable but I don't recommend a high waist belt if you're going to eat a big lunch!  I had to undo the belt while eating :).  The cardigan is 100% cotton and can alter to a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve cardigan with a button conveniently sewed on to the sleeve.  This posting contains 3 great item's from Ross with total purchase price of less than $30.00!

Item 1-- Navy blue dress with red/pink floral pattern
From: Ross
Brand: Rhapsody
Type of sale: Ross everyday
Original price: Compared at $34.00+
Purchased price: $8.99 

Item 2-- Navy blue convertible sleeve cardigan
From: Ross
Brand: Isabella Rodriguez
Type of sale: Ross everyday
Original price: $64.00
Purchased price: $7.99

Item 3-- Black strappy heels
From: Ross
Brand: Madden Girl by Steve Madden
Type of sale: Ross everyday + clearance
Original price: $49.95
Purchased price: $17.99 with final price $12.99

Fashionably cheap,



  1. Hey! I know we haven't talked in about 7 million years but your blog popped up on my newsfeed and since I do have memories of being constant bloggers/going to Ross every day in like 9th grade, I'm definitely adding this to my reading list. :)


  2. Hey, thanks! Ross has always been the staple of my wardrobe!