Friday, May 13, 2011

A Mother's day lunch

I know I'm a week late but I had a busy week and just posting a Mother's day outfit now!  Since my first post, the structure has not changed: blurb, about the outfit, photo, and blah blah blah where it came from how much and the savings!  What I plan to do is to change it up a bit and have posts that have outfits I have worn in the past.  I can't keep up with new outfits all the time!  I buy a lot of things but I'm always wearing working clothes or work-like clothes at least 5 days a week.  I'm too lazy to go home and change into a different outfit just for picture taking purposes for the blog.  I was talking to my friend Penny today via gchat and she was showing me a potential Vegas dress she wanted to buy which gave me the idea of having a Vegas Dress Galore post.  All my Vegas dresses have been bought at a great deal so I can always go back and find photos (at least the appropriate ones ;) to post and talk about each dress.  That should be coming in the near future!

**Edit: I also will start having a section after every post entitled "Side Note" which will feature other bargains that are just not clothes/accessories!


A cute dress for a Mother's day lunch with my Mom at the Farm of Beverly Hills.  The dress has two layers with a slip underneath, bubble sleeves, and ruffled edging.  It is a very chic dress with a vintage floral pattern.  I topped the dress with a high waist belt and leather strapped sandals.  I couldn't figure out if the belt was upside down or not but whatever works!  I  also wore a gold Juicy Couture necklace with a heart pendant but it was a graduation gift from my Mom 2 years ago so I will not add it in the deal.

Item 1-- Brown chiffon two layered dress with vintage floral pattern
From: TJ Maxx
Brand: Juicy Couture
Type of sale: TJ Maxx everyday + clearance (x2)
Original price: $278.00
Purchased price: $79.99 with final price $39.00
See the item here

Item 2-- High waist brown skinny belt with bronze flower
From: Forever 21
Type of sale: Forever 21 everday
Original/Purchased price: $4.80

Item 3-- Sling back leather strappy sandals
From: American Eagle
Brand: American Eagle
Type of sale: Clearance
Original price: $39.50
Purchased price: $14.99

Side Note!
DJ Hero 2 Bundle: Original price $59.99 now $25.99! (Courtesy of Mitch Saltzman)

Fashionably cheap,


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