Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Prim and Proper in Paris

Prim and Proper in Paris

Alice Olivia flower print dress
$190 - oxygenboutique.com

Altuzarra feather print dress
$615 - brownsfashion.com

Short heels

Actually... I wore this dress in Geneva but I did buy it in Paris :). My version of a pink/white summer dress during a summer day in Paris (I mean... Geneva).

I bought the brown oxfords but it was just too hot for me to be wearing shoes, I need my feet to breathe! I wore my brown strappy sandals (featured in my last post) almost every day in Europe-- super comfortable!

I am showcasing one main dress I thought was so Paris appropriate in the summer. As well as my other fab finds during my trip in Europe. I just got back and already packing for my mini vacay after a vacation! (See you soon Vegas!)

Item 1-- Pink/White patterned high-low/mullet dress with brown braided belt
From: Promod (lovely store in France and there's a chain of them throughout Europe as well)
Type of sale: Sale (aka Soldes in french)
Original price: 39,95 euro (ah, I don't know where the euro symbol is!)
Purchased price: 15,50 euro (A little under $20 US)

Item 2-- Brown suede oxfords
From: Sorry, never got the name of this store :(
Type of sale: Sale (Soldes)
Original price: 19,95 euro
Purchased price: 5,95 euro (A little under $7.50 US)

My other fab finds in Europe:

Only maybe 1/3 of what I bought in Europe is posted on this entry... I went a little nuts in Europe and bought too many items to be posted on here.

Awesome heels that will most likely hurt my feet but I don't care because they're so pretty!
Ok so maybe I will care that they will hurt my feet but I'll make sure I'm going somewhere with more sitting and less standing! As posted on my Instagram.

Item 3-- Pompennette heels
From: Andre (Chain of shoe stores out in France)
Type of sale: Soldes!!!
Original price: 89 euros
Purchased price: 10 euros (About $12.25 US)

Since it's originally from Europe, H&M's were everywhere! Each H&M definitely had a different sale as the Paris store had my dress for 7 euros but in Rome it was 10 euros, definitely got the better bargain!

Item 4-- Blue floral patterned knee length dress
From: H&M
Type of sale: Soldes!!!
Original price: 49,90 euro
Purchased price: 7,00 euro (About $8.50 US)

Believe it or not but the random vendors on the streets of Rome had beautiful dresses. This lovely dress was just hanging on a hanger under a tent and I had to have it! As posted on my Instagram. The random boutiques also had great dresses and I even purchased a dress at 5 euros!!! (not pictured but I'll make sure to post it soon)

Item 5-- Navy blue sheer double layered dress with gold accents
From: Random vendor in Rome!
Type of sale: Bargaining at it's best!
Original price: 15 euros
Purchased price: 12,50 euros (About $15.35 US) and although 15 euros is a great price it's a vendor so why not bargain a couple of dollars off :D

Ah yes, Tory Burch my love! I went all the way to Rome and brought this baby home. So many items in this Tory Burch store were half off but I contained myself and only bought one purse. Oh and of course, tax free for purchases over 155 euros for US citizens-- oh yes! I sure did get almost $30 back at customs :). What's amazing is that if you search for the bag online it's still being sold at about $329 on sale.

Item 6-- Tory Burch Robinson Satchel in Oceanic
From: Tory Burch
Type of sale: 50% off selected items
Original price: 360,00 euro
Purchased price: 180,00 euro with 30,00 euro back at customs = 150,00 euro (About $185.00 US)

Side Note!

Express is currently having a deal where you can buy Men's 1MX shirt and get the second one at $19.90!

If worked out correctly with a coupon you can get an amazing deal. I've done it before and it's totally worth it to get those men's dress shirts at this sale + with a coupon.

For example:

Hopefully you receive Express coupons in the mail and if you don't I suggest you ask someone for theirs.

Buy a basic Men's 1MX shirt at $59.90. Patterns will usually cost $69.90.

When you buy a basic one at $59.90 and purchase a second basic 1MX at $19.90 you will be spending a little under $80.00 for 2 shirts. However, if you use your Express coupon that includes ($15 off of $30, $20 off of $60, and $30 off of $90) you will be receiving $30 off of your $80 purchase making your total about $50 which equals to $25.00 a shirt! More than half off the original for $59.90-- bam!

Now you can get your man a nice 1MX fitted shirt to show off that body of his. Or not? Classic button ups are just nice on a man too, no need to show off a body...unless you desire to :D 

This is such a funny photo of my mom shopping in Europe I have to end the entry with this!

Fashionably cheap,



  1. Very cute dresses! Love vintage!