Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Makeup. Something I have zero knowledge about.

So maybe I don't have zero knowledge about makeup but it's almost zero.  What I mean is that I buy makeup based on the price of it.  I buy the basic makeup products whenever they're on clearance/sale: eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, lipgloss/lipstick, and foundation.  I do own a few makeup products that I would consider pricey like a good aqua gel eyeliner by Tarte (sold at Sephora for $18) or the amazing all night makeup spray by Urban Decay (small travel size bottle sold at Sephora for $11).  At $18 and $11... I think that's a little pricey.  For that much money I can get a pair of jeans and a top easily, just saying.  I try to use the aqua gel eyeliner only on special occasions and the all night spray only when I know I'm going out for the night (clubbing usually; somewhere where I know my makeup will run).

In this post I will discuss makeup products I recently purchased from Rite Aid and Target at great prices!

I will also have pictures of me wearing the makeup to show the quality and use of each product.  Photos are all taken 'as-is' and are not retouched so the makeup is shown as the way it is applied.

Oh and nail polish just for fun! :)

This makeup style is very simple and I would wear it to work or out on a date.  It took less than 10 minutes to apply.  I usually don't wear this much everyday and I would wear a little more for a night out or on a special occasion.

 These products I purchased were all on clearance.  At Rite Aid they will have selected products on clearance marked by the Clearance 75% off stickers.  At Target there will be about 3-6 shelves dedicated to clearance makeup, hair products, hygiene products.  Usually some of the reasons why these products go on clearance is because of a surplus amount or product (color/type) discontinuation.  Sometimes I see the products will be expiring in the next 6 months so I believe that is another reason to why some of the products go on clearance too.

**Note- only these selected products were on clearance.  Notice that not all colors were on clearance.


Item 1-- Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
Original price: $8.99
Purchased price: $2.24
exp: 10/12

Item 2-- Rimmel Moisture Renew cream lipgloss in colors Pink Spa and SOS Red
Original price: $6.49
Purchased price: $1.62
exp: 10/12

Item 3-- Borghese Rapido Nail Lacquer in Menta
Original price: $8.00
Purchased price: $2.00


Item 4-- L'Oreal True Match Natural mineral powder
Original price: $12.49
Purchased price: $3.74

Item 5-- L'Oreal Tescopic Explosion Mascara (2 pack)
Original price: $11.98
Purchased price: $5.98

1. I applied the Rimmel match perfection foundation under my eyes to lessen the puffiness and around my nose and under my mouth where I had some redness.  I simply did this by dabbing the foundation with my fingers and blending it on my skin.

2. I applied 2 layers of the L'Oreal explosion mascara to my top and bottom lashes.  It's kind of cool that the mascara brush is a spherical shape so it can reach the tiny lashes on the corner of my eyes.  The mascara is a little clumpy but I evened it out with a eyelash comb.  I did not use an eyelash curler here.  I hardly ever do unless I want more dramatic eyelashes when I go for the night out.

3. I applied 2 layers of the Rimmel Rose Spa lipgloss.  I chose to go with the Rose Spa color because it's a softer color for work.  I really like the lipgloss because of how smooth they make my lips feel!  I would usually put a layer of lip gloss on after a layer of lip stain/lipstick on an evening out.

4. I applied a quick brush of the L'Oreal mineral powder all over for a finishing touch.


The only thing I added (not pictured) was a brush of my honey bronzer on my cheek bones from The Body Shop (Original price: $18, Purchased price: $6.00 - combination of other items purchased on a $20 groupon deal and 40% off sale)


Side Note!
Macy's Spring Spectacular starts tomorrow Wednesday, March 28 to Sunday, April 1!
50%-80% off storewide with 2-day specials Wednesday, March 28 & Thursday, March 29

And my work outfit in the photo:

Item 1-- Gray dress with pockets and button design
From: Ross
Brand: Rhapsody
Type of sale: Ross everyday
Original price: Compared at $36.00
Purchased price: $12.99

Item 2-- Purple Cardigan
From: Forever 21
Type of sale: Forever 21 everyday
Purchased price: $12.50

Fashionably cheap,


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