Sunday, August 7, 2011

Betsey Johnson fabulous.

I love stuff by Betsey Johnson!  Some of her stuff is not really for me though, such as jewelry that has an arachnid theme (ahhh!). 

From a dress to jewelry to pajamas, a Betsey Johnson haul!  Betsey Johnson has her own line of Betsey Johnson and another line called Betseyville (more affordable).  I have a lot of Betsey Johnson merchandise mostly purchased from TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack.  In my last entry I posted BJ sunglasses for $15 (originally $85)!  These Betsey Johnson items have been purchased within the recent months and I decided to combine all of them in one entry!

Item 1-- Betsey Johnson Dress
Tank dress, cinched at the waist, with a cute skirt pattern!  Pockets on each side and a double layer skirt.  There was a rack where everything on it was $30.  I also purchase a cute blue frilly shirt but I recently washed it and it's super wrinkly... I'm too lazy to iron it and then take a picture of it and I don't want you guys to think, "This shirt looks ugly, no wonder it was on sale"... due to the extreme wrinkles!  A dress and a shirt, each at $30, buy one get one free... $15 each!
From: Betsey Johnson outlet store
Type of sale: Sale + Buy One Get One Free on everything
Original price: $318.00
Purchased price: $15.00

Item 2--  Necklace with teacup, heart, and bow
Gold necklace with silver charms and a cute purple tea cup.
From: Nordstrom Rack
Type of sale: Nordstrom Rack price
Original price: $30.00
Purchased price: $11.97

Item 3-- Gold charm bracelet with leopard print theme
The gold charm bracelet is a stretchy bracelet, perfect for small wrists like mine.  The clock charm is a non working clock... It's just a picture of a clock.  I'm sure it would have cost more if this charm bracelet was also a watch.  It's always 2:35!
From: Ross
Type of sale: Ross everyday
Original price: $65.00
Purchased price: $24.99

Item 3-- Long necklace with school charms
This necklace can be doubled with two layers.  I love the whimsical charms on here like the ruler, scissors, and pencil.  Throw in a couple of heart charms and this makes such a cute layering necklace.
From: Macy's
Type of sale: Take an additional 50% off already reduced jewelry.
Original price: $50.00
Purchased price: $24.99 with final price $12.50

Item 4-- Floral pajama set
A PJ set with a button up long sleeve top and drawstring pants.  Perfect for the winter months!
From: Marshall's
Type of sale: Marshall's everyday + clearance
Original price: $59.00
Purchased price: $24.99 with final price $20.00

Side Note!
Go to Burger King tomorrow and get a Whopper for 88 cents!  Valid only tomorrow, August 8!  I feel like I should have a side note just for foodie deals.  Yum.

Fashionably cheap,


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