Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MAXImize your savings!

Yay for new hair cut and awkward photos.  Look at my face, it screams... savings.

I'm usually not a fan of maxi dresses but I fell in love with this maxi dress and I'm thrilled by the deal I scored on it!

Get it?  MAXImize your savings... maxi dress.. ha..ha?

Okay, don't mind my strange ways.

I bought two items at my most save friendly stores-- Ross and TJ Maxx.  I don't know what I would do without these two stores.  I find myself on vacation or out of town and shopping at a Ross and/or TJ Maxx.  You might think it's weird but I can't help but to have the need to find out if there are other Ross or TJ Maxx stores that have just as amazing deals as the ones here.  Based on my experiences on both the Ross and TJ Maxx stores I would say that in California the deals are way better than the ones in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  Don't judge.

Some people I have spoken to, okay maybe almost everyone I speak to, would choose TJ Maxx over Ross any day.  Why?

Cons about Ross:
Can be messy and unorganized
Opened packages
Screaming children
Irregular items
Lower quality of items
Crying children
Poor customer service
Fitting room attendants that don't trust you
Misbehaving children everywhere

Also in the last couple of years Ross has really increased their security of the store.  Is it really necessary to have a "Loss Prevention" aka Security Guard who monitors the store and randomly greets you when you walk in?

The most annoying thing about increasing security in the store is having the fitting room attendant act like they don't trust you when you're going into the fitting room to try something on.  You can't just go up to them and say the number of items you have to try on anymore.  You must put your clothes on a rack, they count the hangers (sometimes more than two times), and even pat down the items to make sure you're not hiding anything in between the hangers!  OH MY GOD!

But... oh well.  I'll sacrifice my shopping experience with crying children and a clothes pat down any day for a good deal.

TJ Maxx has more brand names, better service, and a better feeling in overall-- therefore higher prices.  I've found great deals at both Ross and TJ Maxx but if I wanted something specific like a pair of black sandals there is no doubt that Ross will be cheaper.  I can find Steve Madden sandals at Ross for $14.99 while at TJ Maxx it will be $29.99.  Although, at Ross you have to be lucky to get an item right away in your size while TJ Maxx will have multiple pairs in all sizes.

Okay enough on the Ross and TJ Maxx comparison and onto the outfit!

Dress + Clutch = $26.00

Item 1-- Black and White Maxi zig-zag striped dress
From: TJ Maxx
Brand: Love. Fire
Type of sale: TJ Maxx everyday
Original price: Compared at $40.00
Purchased price: $19.99

Item 2-- Orange clutch with chain strap
From: Ross
Type of sale: Ross everyday
Original price: Compared at $19.99
Purchased price: $5.99

The top of the dress has a sweetheart shape and is textured for some dimension in the dress.  I love the small details.

You can carry the purse using the silver chain or tuck in the chain and hold it as a clutch.

A few maxi dresses I found to compare my dress with.  I especially love the Michael Stars one but come on... my purchased maxi dress was within a $20 budget!

Gotta maximize my savings :).

Side Note!
Two sales starting tomorrow: Macy's & Nordstrom.
Macy's has their Memorial day sale starting tomorrow May 23 until Monday, May 28.
This includes... taking an extra 30% off already reduces prices on selections for her, him, kids, and home.
Nordstrom has their biggest clearance sale for women and kids for their "Half-Yearly Sale" and you can also earn double points on both Wednesday and Thursday on all  Nordstrom credit card purchases in the store and online.

Fashionably cheap,



  1. I can't believe the price on that clutch! Love it.

  2. I know! It was such a good deal. They had multiple colors at $5.99 too!