Tuesday, October 11, 2011

itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, not a yellow polka dot bikini

I have been posting about once a month now and honestly... I'm lazy.  This is time consuming and I wonder why I still do it.  I guess it's because I get bored once in a while.  I definitely shop more than I post.  I buy stuff way too frequently and could technically blog once a week for the items I buy but I just have other things to do... like watch new fall TV shows, watch a continuous amount of Mad Men episodes on Netflix (I just started and have one season left to watch then it's onto Breaking Bad!), and update my Spotify play lists.  I do other things of course than watch TV and listen to music.  I also sleep and snack a lot.

Best time to buy a bikini?  End of summer into the fall season.  I purchased three bikinis, two from The Gap and one from Victoria's Secret.

I usually would take photos of me wearing the clothes but in this situation you will have to pay a nominal fee for it!  So all weirdos out there, contact me for more info.

Please do not contact me.  I hope you realize I'm kidding.  Especially when I am calling you a weirdo.

The gray and white one (very neutral colors) are from The Gap and of course the bright (screaming look at me in this bright neon pink bikini) is from VS.  The Gap bikinis are made by Lycra as The Gap and Lycra teamed up to create their swim line.  The two bikinis have good bottom coverage and run true to size in top and bottom.  The VS bikini has less bottom coverage and run on the smaller side.  VS has multiple types of bottoms (string, scoop, hot short, hi-waist, and low rise).  The one I purchased from VS is a low rise bottom.  The gray top is a halter cut with a ring design in the middle.  The white top is a one shoulder type of top with a silver studded square design at the strap.  The multi-neon triangle top has double strings to tie around the band and around the neck; it also has a crochet design.  All tops have removable pads which is always nice since I always think without the pads...it's awkwardly thin.

To simply put it--

Bikini Tops
Original price: $25.00 (VS) and $37.95 (Gap)
Purchased price: $4.99 each

Bikini Bottoms
Original price: $14.50 (VS) and $35.95 (Gap)
Purchased price: $4.99 each

Each bikini cost $10.00!  That's a total of $30.00 for all three bikinis originally costing around $187.00 which is an insane amount for tiny articles of clothing.

And again I'm sorry about the poor quality of photos...I really have to get a new camera ASAP.  My birthday's next month, any one care to buy me a new camera??? :)

Side Note!
Southwest Airlines Getaways Deal: $30 toward a roundtrip flight from LA to Vegas for $10, a $20 savings.

Not bad to save $20 if you plan on flying to Vegas any time soon.  So basically it's $20 off your roundtrip airfare. 


Fashionably cheap,


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